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Purest ice in the world
Purest ice in the world

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Arctic Ice is sourced directly from the natural glaciers in the Arctic which have been in frozen state for more than 100.000 Years. These parts of the ice sheets have not been in contact with any soils or contaminated by pollutants produced by human activities. This makes Arctic Ice the Cleanest H20 on Earth.

In this modern world, where businesses often focus solely on profitability and growth, we genuinely care about the well-being of society. At Arctic Ice we firmly believe that our responsibility extends far beyond our main objectives.

We strive not only to serve our customers but also to preserve the environment, support local communities, and promote social justice. This holistic approach allows us to make a positive impact on the world around us. In this essay, we will explore the structure through which we fulfill our commitment to society.

The story of Arctic Ice

We are not just a company
we want to take care of the Society.

Sourcing Plan

We harvest ice from natural icebergs already naturally detached from the glacier and floating in the Nuuk fjord. Each iceberg is carefully and manually selected and inspected before being lifted onto our production vessel using a crane and specialized lifting equipment. This process ensures the quality and purity of the ice. We do not take any ice from the glacier. Millions or billions of tons of ice breaks off the glaciers every year. Our very limited production thereby has a very insignificant impact.

Our operations are designed to minimize environmental impact. We utilize existing cargo routes more efficiently, reducing CO2 emissions per container shipped to and from Greenland. The cargo-ships sailing to and from Greenland return to Europe/Denmark with little to no cargo, thereby the containers being shipped from Greenland will also reduce the emissions for the containers going to Greenland, because otherwise you should include the return-trip from Greenland in the CO2 calculations per shipped container.

Our harvesting does not harm glaciers, as we only collect icebergs that have already detached naturally. We are also planning to incorporate hybrid ships into our fleet for further environmental benefits.

After being lifted on board, the ice is processed using food-grade equipment such as chainsaws, saws, and hammers. It’s then cut into smaller pieces and packed into insulated food-grade crates for transport. Representative samples are taken from each iceberg to ensure the quality and achieve a food-grade approval from a 3rd party laboratory.
We are exploring carbon-offset programs to ensure we choose the best option, not just the cheapest. Our goal is to achieve a carbon offset ratio of at least 1:2, meaning we aim to offset double the amount of CO2 we produce. This includes potential investments in hybrid or battery-powered vessels for our operations. We aim at achieving this as soon as possible and offsetting the previous emissions. We want to be clear that this product will have a more positive impact than it harms, but also realistic enough to admit that we have a lot of work to do regarding this topic, and we are learning as we develop.
Our pure iceberg ice has little to no taste, ensuring it doesn’t alter the flavor of beverages as it melts, unlike ice made from tap or mineral water. Additionally, its structure makes it last longer in drinks, providing a premium experience in bars and restaurants. It will also create more awareness about the arctic and sustainability. The ice that is very old, has not been polluted in any way by modern industry, thereby you can truly have ice/water that has never been polluted by humankind.
Once harvested, the ice is processed and placed into insulated crates on our vessel. In Nuuk, it’s packed into refrigerated shipping containers for international transport. The ice is shipped in full container loads to our distribution partner Natural Ice in Dubai, who repacks and delivers it to customers.
We adhere to strict regulations set by the Greenland government to minimize environmental impact and ensure product quality. We conduct regular testing on representative samples from each ice crate in approved laboratories, ensuring the ice is free of biological dangers before shipping.
Our business creates high-paying jobs, contributing positively to the local economy. It allows for diversification of income sources for locals, including fishermen who can supply us with ice during poor fishing seasons. This influx of outside money aids the broader Greenlandic economy through taxes and increased spending power.
We plan to expand sustainably, making environmentally conscious decisions. This includes using more efficient hybrid production ships and reusing all transport crates. Our focus remains on growing our business while maintaining a strong commitment to environmental responsibility.
Contrary to common misconceptions, we are not destroying the natural wonders of the ice/icebergs. We harvest icebergs that would otherwise melt into the ocean. By doing so, we prevent this ice from contributing to rising sea levels and we merely utilize it before it’s lost to the ocean.
To guarantee the safety and purity of our iceberg ice, we conduct rigorous testing. Representative samples from each batch of ice are analyzed in an independent third-party laboratory. We thoroughly test for the presence of any microorganisms or bacteria. Only after these samples are confirmed to be safe and meet our strict quality standards do we proceed with shipping the ice.
We take great care to minimize any risk of contamination during harvesting and packing. Our equipment is food-grade and regularly sanitized, and our staff are trained in proper handling techniques. By maintaining a controlled and clean environment throughout the process, we ensure the ice remains pure and uncontaminated.”
Absolutely. Our commitment to safety is paramount. With rigorous testing and quality control measures in place, customers can be assured of the biological safety of our iceberg ice. We understand the importance of trust in our product, and we go to great lengths to maintain the highest standards of safety and quality.


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Lab-Proven test results

Catered Segments

Tailored approach to specific audience segments.


After state-of-the-art testing and packaging procedures, we aim to deliver the untouched and unblemished Arctic Ice straight to your hotels that unfold a celebration with our product.


Our premium service provides high-quality ice for your beverages, providing an exceptional taste and binding your customers, securing maximum retention.


International-grade ice is shipped to A-list bars, creating an unparalleled experience. Arctic Ice adds profit and value to your business that is not found in your competitors.


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